A simple list of concepts that can be taught to the age group 2.5 to 5 years children at home. So here I am, listing a few Ideas about the concepts and topics that can be taught to our children.



– Alphabet (Uppercase & Lowercase)
– Letter names and sounds
– Beginning sounds
– CVC words / Word Families
– Rhyming Words
– Sight Words(List 1)
– Opposites
– Naming Objects and People
– Using 2 to 3 words that goes together (like eating a banana etc.)
– Speaking in full sentences by the time they turn 3.5/4 years
– Narrating a situation
– Retelling a simple story
– Describing what they feel
– Describing what happens in school / playdate / outing etc.
– Recalling details about any incident that happened to them
– Knowing all the Family member’s names and faces and the relations between each other(like brother-sister, husband-wife, uncle-aunty, mother-father etc.)


– Numbers 1 to 50/100, depending on child’s ability to grasp and remember
– Number Names 1 to 10
– Counting objects/ in a picture 1 to 20
– Big/small
– Long/short
– Tall/short
– Thick/ thin
– Heavy / light
– Empty/Full
– More/less
– Wide/narrow
– What goes together? (like a pencil and eraser or glass and water etc.)
– Small/medium/large
– First/next/then/last
– First/last
– Similar/Different
– Sequencing of objects
– Time
– Calendar
– Shapes (2D&3D)
– Colors (Primary/ Secondary)
– Odd one out
– Grouping/Categorizing
– Graphing
– Sorting Letters and Numbers


– Seasons
– Weather
– Parts of the body
– Sense organs
– Days of the week
– Months of the year
– Myself and My Family
– My school
– My classroom
– Fruits
– Vegetables
– Animals/Birds/Insects – Domestic/Wild/Young ones/ Homes of animals/Sounds of animals/Water animals/Reptiles etc.
– Flowers
– Vehicles
– Food and Nutrition
– Meals (Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner / Snacks)
– Community Helpers
– Cleanliness (Self/Home/Environment)
– Good Habits
– Good Manners
– Indoor Games
– Outdoor Games
– Sources of Water
– Uses of Water
– Living Beings/Non-Living Beings
– Plants and their types
– Festivals
– Places of worship (like Gurudwara, Temple, Mosque, Church etc.)
– Toys
– Actions
– Gender
– Birthday Party
– Hospital
– Railway station
– In a Village

These are the topics that are at the top of my mind. Please feel free to share and add more ideas/concepts if you have in mind, for the age group 2.5 to 5 year olds, in this thread. So it can be easy for everyone to refer back.

***Also keep in mind, that every child is Unique and has different grasping power. So please don’t compare your child to anyone else’s in the group, not even mine. This is just to motivate you and give a direction to your learnings at home. These should be done alongwith good, everyday Outdoor play and gross motor activities. Also, encourage your child’s interests and hobbies, so they can develop on their skills. Let it be drawing, coloring, painting, dancing, singing, or whatever, encourage them to develop their hobbies & interests.
It’s much more important to “FOLLOW THEIR HEART” than just Academic Excellence. ***

Hope this helps You all !

Deevyanka Pawar