Are you struggling to come up with Ideas on How to Practice Sight Words with children in a Fun Way?

Are you tired of looking on Pinterest for Fun Activities that will encourage the child to take interest and learn the Sight Words?

These Sight Words can sometimes get really boring, only if you’re rote learning them. Remember your school days, where you needed to memorize in order to retain the words.

Now let’s change that for our children! Shall we?

In today’s Age, where the focus for teaching children is on Play-Based Learning, we must incorporate the same concept while practicing these Sight Words at Home.

In the video below, you will find 10-Easy Simple DIY Low Prep Activities for Practicing those ‘Sight Words’..

To save these Sight Word Activity Ideas, you can also Pin the following Image to your Pinterest Board.

Watch the video, do the Activities with your children and then comment below which one was your favorite of all?

Now tell me, which list are you following to learn the Sight Words? And how many sight words has your child memorized till now?