Number Names are the spellings of the names of each Numeral. For example, 5 is spelled as ‘five’ and 20 is spelled as ‘twenty’ etc. They are also called as ‘Number Words’.

These Number names are usually taught in Kindergarten. Children have to memorize these words by sight as all of them fall under the Category of Sight Words. These Number Names do not follow any specific Phonics Rules, because they are the names of these numbers. All kinds of nouns(names) come under Sight Words and hence they have to be memorized by sight.

We should teach these Number Names by using the Letter Names only. Even if the child is doing Phonics, you must introduce these Number names while you start teaching Sight Words. It becomes easier for the child to learn them.

Here are 3 hands-on activities that you can do, which does not include writing for full pages, to learn the Number Names : 

  1. Number Puzzles – These Number Puzzles are made up of three things – The Number , The Number Name and the Number Quantity. These puzzles are great for starting out teaching the number names to the child. Shuffle all the puzzle pieces from 1 to 5 – do it in the order of increment of 5 at a time. Once the child master 5 number names, then do next 5 and add them to the previous 5 number names. Ask the child to start with numbers, it’s name and then the quantity it represents.
  2. Number Names Word Puzzles – These are word puzzles just like the classic game of scrabble. The puzzle pieces are to be sorted into the correct Number Names, i.e. the correct spelling for each Number. You can ask the child to make spellings in order of the numbers or for any random number. This will help the child to visually see and form the spellings of the Number Names.
  3. Number Names Bingo – It’s the classic Bingo Game, only with Number Names and Number cards. Check out the video below to understand how to play this game. 

These are the 3 Fun, Hands-on and Engaging Activities for the children to enjoy while learning the Number Names. Which one did you like the most?