Our Journey At Home

- Deevyanka Pawar

I simplify teaching Phonics so that you can teach your child 

to read and write in the correct way.

(even if you feel you're not good in English)

Understand the Step by Step Instructions for Phonics below.

What can I Help you with?

I'm clueless about where and when to start. 

Discover all the topics and concepts that you need to be focusing on Age-Wise with your child. Understand what is Important to teach and Leave the rest for later.

I am ready to start teaching Phonics to my child.

Discover the right terminologies and the correct step by step method to efficiently teach your child to Read and Write through Phonics.

I am ready to improve my Handwriting as well as my child's.

Understand what goes behind a visually appealing and legible Handwriting. Start teaching correctly for English Cursive Handwriting and Hindi Handwriting.

Hey I'm Deevyanka

I'm an Educational Entrepreneur, Phonics Trainer and the Founder and Publisher of ‘Our Journey At Home’

I'm on a mission to simplify Early Learning & Holistic Development of a child at home!

I simplify teaching little children who are in the age group 2 to 6 years, so that you can enjoy the time spent together while doing fun , hands-on and engaging activities together. 

My vision is to Educate , Empower and Encourage Parents to take interest in their child's learning in their crucial years of Early Childhood Education.

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What they say

I’m totally satisfied with it and have learnt all the concepts in depth and your sincereness till the end is simply awesome. You are my true inspiration dear. Thank you so much for all.

Jayalakshmi(Jay Kay)

I cannot thank you enough for the Phonics workshop Deevyanka. Now i know the sequence what to teach first and than next… But best part is the activities you told, how to teach each concept to the kid… I was struggling to teach ending sound to my daughter but with folding paper activity she picked in just two days… Will share our experience as we progress. Thank you once again.

Deepali Sengar

Though the topics discussed were known, I didn’t actually know how to teach it to my son, also didn’t know where to begin and how to progress.
Deevyanka’s detailed and in-depth explanation along with the examples has given me a structured outline for teaching this to my child.
The way she explained every topic with activities, proves that she has not done this overnight.. it will definitely help in making any child understand and use the rules in a playful and fun way.

The workshop has made phonics easy and approachable for everyone.


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