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Introducing “MatheMagician” Maths Online Program for parents of children 3 to 7 years old. This is one-of-a kind online program, wherein you’ll not only learn the pedagogical processes but also get your hands-on the learning indicators for each stage.
This is a 10-day online program.
BONUS : Get all 3 Math Packs and Maths ebook free, once you enroll!


+ What is this Program? and How will it be conducted?
This “Online Maths Program” is for Parents and Educators who want to teach Maths to their kids. This program contains pre-recorded Modules for the parents to learn from any time! So you can start Learning from the program as soon as you enroll.
BONUS : Get all 3 Math Packs and Maths ebook free, once you enroll !
+ What does the Program include?
Topics taught during this Online Program are listed below. These topics will be taught in-depth, suitable for SSC, CBSE , ICSE Boards respectively. You need to pick and choose what is suitable for your child as per school’s syllabus for the grade the child is studying in. Lots of examples and visual representations of the Topics will be provided to better understand and remember these concepts.
Worksheets to practice the learned topics will also be provided.
List of topics included:-
  • How to make maths a part of daily life?
  • How to develop confidence in Maths – as a Math Phobic parent?
  • Math Talks & Mental Maths
  • Numbers and Number operations
  • Shapes & Spatial Understanding
  • Patterns
  • Measurement , Mass & Volume
  • Data Handling
  • Before / After numbers
  • Odd / Even numbers
  • Ascending / Descending Numbers
  • Addition / Subtraction – upto 3 digits with and without carryover
  • Place Value
  • Fractions
  • Multiplication , Division
  • Learn Tables
  • Time
  • Money
+ When does the Program Expire? What if I miss a day or two?
The Program never really expires. Yay!
The lessons and printables will remain with you forever. So, you can print as many as you want, and keep Practicing even after the program dates are over.
You also have Lifetime Access to me for the queries and doubts you may encounter while teaching children through the next couple of years.
Secondly, if you ever happen to miss a day or two during the course of the program, Never Mind. You can always start from where you left off. You’ll receive the same guidance from me, even if you’re late to learn the topics. So, don’t fear of missing anything.
+ How do I ENROLL for this Program?
To Enroll for this Program, just complete the payment procedure on the above link (add to cart) and you’ll receive an email with all the details to access the course. Sometimes, emails land in the spam/promotions folder, please check in these folders if the email isn’t in your primary inbox. Also, give it about 15 minutes after the purchase to land in your inbox.

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