Dear all , my name is Deevyanka Pawar. Those of you who follow me on Our Journey At Home must know already that I am a huge enthusiast of Early Learning and Reading(through Phonics) is a huge part of our daily lives. I am an Interior Designer by profession , so naturally I am always interested in learning new things and designing them to suit our specific needs and requirements. My professional career took a back seat when my daughter “Ridhima” was born because it was my choice and my priority to stay at home to cater to my daughter’s needs because I genuinely feel that childhood is one such journey that never repeats itself and I wanted to make sure I am witnessing all her milestones alongwith her. Then I started researching and learning(in courses) all about Early Learning and how it is useful for our kids in todays day and age. I, myself, am a Reading enthusiast and a hoarder of books.So, naturally, I wanted to inculcate this habit of mine into Ridhima. So, I started reading to her as early as when she was 3 months old. Now that she is 3 years, I can see how much she loves books and is so much interested in reading. In November 2016, I took Certified Training in Phonics(Including Jolly Phonics). As I learnt more and more in depth, I felt the need to make learning phonics exciting, fun and super hands-on for our kiddos. As a parent , I feel confident now, that I have designed the right tools to teach my child reading in a correct way. I want to share this passion of mine with other fellow moms/parents who wants the same for their kids.


Do you guys feel that our children should be digging into books and should make “Reading” a habit ? Do you ever feel that in the age of technology , our kids are missing out on the pure pleasure of reading? What about your reading habit ,does it need a boost too? Because what your kid actually needs is an environment where books are cherished , you are seen deeply immersed in your reading and the correct tools (phonics) that makes reading a pleasure and not a dreading task. Its so frustrating for the child who gets stuck in the correct pronunciation of words and cannot enjoy the story he has been wanting to read.

I hope we all agree that it is important to read and give our children the correct tools for reading. This “ TRC-Phonics Online Program” is just the first small step, but I’m sure it will bring the joy of reading back that we all want.

This 2 week online program is about discovering and learning new techniques which you may not know already and reviewing the old ones. You will have a chance to make a foundation of reading with proper tools and make reading with your kids a habit. You will have daily new video information from me to take the journey one small step forward. We hope that all participants will also share their daily learning experience and questions in our special private group.So I will help with your doubts while others provide encouragement and support to each other. 


This program is broken into 2 parts. First we focus on the basics and then move onto the more difficult part. You have to give TWO assessments during the program , to ensure that you have gained the correct knowledge from me.

I am sure this program will be an immediate boost in your confidence and positivity to teach your child at the comfort of your home. If you follow my suggestions , you may also see changes in your child’s reading. You may discover the reasons of some reading and writing errors that your child is making. And you will be better equipped to deal with them in more educated manner.

To make this program into a complete package, I have also designed Phonics Curriculum to go along with the Program. So when parents are opting for this Program, they may not need to look into anything other than the “TRC Online Phonics Program and Curriculum”.This curriculum is a complete package of Learning Pages, Worksheets, Hands-on Activities, Games, and Readers. Phonics Curriculum For Indian Children