Online Print Handwriting Program for kids


Here are all the details of the “Online Print Handwriting Program” for parents of children who are in the age group 2 to 4.

Fees : 2000 INR – 7 DAY Program.

Dates of the program :
Starts as soon as you enroll.

NO Certification Provided. This is a Self – Development Program.

Timings : Flexible Timings, You can do it in your free time of the day. Every day you need 30 to 45 mins,to go through the lesson and create the activities for the child.

Keep reading below to understand the format of the Workshop.




+ What is this Program? and How will it be conducted?

This “Online Print Handwriting Program” is for parents whose children are in the age group 2 to 4 years old. This program will enable the parent to teach their children print handwriting using the correct tools and the correct order of teaching.

The Program content i.e. Video lessons and Learning resources will be shared in your course dashboard.


+ What does the Program include and exclude?

The Program teaches you various stages of learning the Print handwriting starting from Pre-writing to actual sentence writing. Here’s a brief overview of the lessons included in the Program :

  1. Warm-up activities and exercises
  2. Visual perception activities
  3. Non-worksheet ideas for teaching handwriting
  4. Writing implements & the order of using them
  5. Lines & Strokes – only the essential ones
  6. Letter groups
  7. Words & Sentence Writing.

The Materials needed for the Program will be shown/told to you in the Program, and they will NOT be provided by me. You have to Purchase those if needed.

Also, there are Printables(soft copies of the worksheets needed) which will be shared, which YOU have to take Prints of, as needed.

NO Certification Provided. This is a Self – Development Program.


+ When does the Program Expire? What if I miss a day or two?

The Program never really expires. Yay!
The lessons and printables will remain with you forever. So, you can print as many as you want, and keep Practicing even after the program dates are over.
Secondly, if you ever happen to miss a day or two during the course of the program, Never Mind. You can always start from where you left off. You’ll receive the same guidance from me, even if you’re late to complete the assignments. So, don’t fear of missing anything.


+ How do I ENROLL for this Program?

Just complete the purchase of this program. And then access the course from the ‘Courses’ tab of your account.

Have any questions, email me here – 


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