Want to teach your children to read fluently with the correct step-by-step approach?

Introducing The Reading Classroom - Online Phonics Program for Parents!

A digital program designed to give you the correct and necessary tools, knowledge and step-by-step roadmap to start teaching your children Phonics at home without sending them to expensive classes.

Who am I to be teaching you Phonics?


I'm Deevyanka, a Certified Phonics Teacher, an Early Learning Enthusiast and a content-creator at Our Journey At Home. 


My speciality? I’m particularly obsessed with teaching Reading to children and adults through Phonics, using simple, effective methods and hands-on activities. 


In November 2016, I took Certified Training in Phonics(Including Jolly Phonics). As I learnt more and more in depth, I felt the need to make learning phonics exciting, fun and super hands-on for our children. 


As a parent , I feel confident now, that I have designed the right tools to teach my child reading in a correct way. I want to share this passion of mine with other fellow moms/parents who wants the same for their kids.


By using the right methods and techniques, teaching children to decode and encode English words, becomes easy.

What The Program Entails?

This 2-week CERTIFIED Online Program is about learning new concepts and techniques alongwith some phonics rules which you may not know already and reviewing the old ones. This program will give you the exact roadmap to teach your children Phonics Explicitly using the given step-by-step methods and resources inside.

Here’s a look at everything you’ll get access to once you sign-up for the program :

- Lifetime Access to all the Modules of the Program.

- Lifetime Access to the Curriculum/Resources(check the videos below).- Lifetime FREE Updates to the Resources and the Curriculum.
- You can print the resources as many times as you like.
- Lifetime Assistance from me,if you ever have any doubts/queries.

- A private Facebook group to ask all your queries and help each other out.

- All the lessons in all the Modules are fully loaded and available in your course dashboard to access immediately or at your own pace.

Every single agonizing question about TRC/OPP :

If you’re still on the fence about The Reading Classroom - Online Phonics Program? , chances are one or two of these have been on your mind.

Here are the most common questions I’ve been fielding over these few days.

Is this for beginners? Will you teach from Scratch?

Absolutely! You don’t need any prior knowledge about Phonics or even English Reading for that matter. We always start with first understanding all the Terminologies used in Phonics and then with Letter names and Letter Sounds, that’s the first very basic step to start teaching Phonics.

I’m excited to learn from you, but I don’t know how effective the Online learning will be?

I get it! Due to continuous information bombarding over the internet, it might be overwhelming to add to it. But be rest assured, that this program is very different from the rest of the programs that you might find online. I hold your hand in every lesson, to make sure you understand each and every concept and rules of Phonics. There are assignments for you to complete daily, for self assessment. And then once you finish the Program, you need to give two Assessments, to attain the Certificate of completion. So, its unlike other programs, which don’t keep you accountable.

What will be the class timings? Should I have to be online at a specific time?

You do the program at your own pace of learning. No time limitations and no Expiry date to the Program. If you’re free in the afternoon, do it then, or if you want to learn in a peaceful environment, do it at night after kids go to sleep. You choose the time and place to learn! 

Hence the program is extremely flexible and gives you space to even take a break if need be. 

You decide how fast or slow you want to learn. You can binge watch like Netflix and learn within a couple of days or take it slow, one lesson at a time. Learn as per your method of learning!

As you get Lifetime Access to the course and to my Assistance, you can ask me your doubts and queries anytime either in our private Facebook Group of students or you can directly email me.

Will I receive a Certificate of completion of the course?


YES, Ofcourse! TRC-OPP is a Certified Program developed by me, keeping in mind ,Indian children and Indian Education System.

Do you have the option of Part Payment for the course?

Unfortunately NO. The payment has to be done in full at one go. Use the button above which says 'Sign me up now' to Register for the Program.

The course looks interesting and promising but I already have some resources and videos that I gathered Online or from friends and family. Will the course help me?

As I said above, TRC-OPP is very different than any course you might find online. Collecting random notes, videos and activities from Internet is good for short term, but the Program will help you and guide you correctly for Long Term wins. 

Nothing is much better, than the Teacher guiding you in the correct pathway. You may find many resources online for free, but once you pay to a Teacher for the Guidance and Teaching, you committ yourself to the process of Learning. 

Will this course really help me in teaching my child to read and write effectively at home? What about resources and materials to teach like flash cards, worksheets etc?

Yes, this program will help you at every step of your teaching process to the child. Be rest assured about that. The resources are available to download immediately in the Course Dashboard. All the Curriculum material is in soft copies, in pdf format. There are approximately 500 pages of materials like flash cards, worksheets , Activity pages, Learning Pages, Game boards, Readers and much more in the Curriculum.

What happens after I ‘buy’ the course?

Once you Sign Up for the course on the above button,You will receive an email , for the full Access to the Course Dashboard and all the further Instructions about the course.


Link to join the Facebook Group is inside the Course Dashboard.

Hold on your breath until then.

What else do I need to spend money on in addition to this?

Absolutely NOTHING!!

Once you buy the TRC-OPP Program, you need absolutely nothing else (to purchase)to teach Phonics at home. It comes as a complete Package with the curriculum included. 

And if you’re keen, you can purchase some Readers for additional reading practice. List of my Suggested Readers is included in the Program.

Will you be present to offer support in the private FB group?

YES, ofcourse!

You will receive complete support and guidance from me in the private FB group as well as through Email.

I believe, ‘No doubt or question is small or silly’ ; so I would be there present in the group to answer and solve all your queries everyday!

How long do I have access to the course?

What do you feel when I say ‘Lifetime’ ? Yes, that’s right.

You get Lifetime Access and all the Updates(FREE) to the course and Lifetime Assistance from me for any queries and doubts that you may have.

At this time you should have everything you need to make a decision.

If that leads you to TRC/OPP I’d love to meet you in our Facebook Group soon.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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