Webinar – How to plan activities for children?


This Webinar is for parents who are willing to take action and apply that you’ll learn during this Webinar.

Learning + Taking action and implementing will give results.




A quick scope of the Webinar content:-

  • Why is it important to plan activities for children at home?
  • Topics/Subjects to teach as per the Age – The basic necessary ones – No fluff (PreK to K-2). This is an eGuide (pdf) to download and print for your reference.
  • Tips for Working moms and Stay-at-home moms. Effective and Actionable steps to follow and implement.
  • Study Techniques – 2 most & the only important study techniques – We shall discuss what they are & How to implement them?
  • How to create an effective timetable for your child? What is the correct method? Can it be used for older grades children too?
  • How to use the Topics eGuide + the effective time-table strategy together to be successful in planning activities for your children?


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