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You know you have to teach all these topics like addition, subtraction, ascending/descending, ordinal numbers, less than/greater than and so many more… But do you know the exact sequence? Exact chronological order of topics and concepts in which to teach?

This Maths ebook lays out the roadmap of teaching all these topics in their correct chronological order. Make this your go-to guide to know which topics of maths to teach when.

See what’s included in this ebook by scrolling down!

Kindly note : This is not a workbook with activity pages. It is an ebook, with all the activity ideas inside for the below mentioned topics.



What’s inside the Maths ebook :
– More than a hundred pages of Educational content.
– Age-wise specific topics to teach chronologically for the age-group 1 to 6 years, and some tips that extend to 8 years. These topics build the foundation for learning Mathematics in Elementary school.
– Each topic is further elaborated with hands-on activities examples and worksheet ideas too!
– A list of strategies that can be used to teach complex topics like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Place Value, Ascending-Descending etc.
– A list of suggested video tutorials, grouped by topics so that you can get more understanding of the topic itself, and further exercises to practice that topic.
– Practical & Effective study strategies and tips to make the learning & prepping for the activities easy.
Download, Print (or read digitally) and make learning Mathematics easy for you and your children!


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