This curriculum is designed for children of age group 1.5 years to 3 years ,who want to have fun and learn at home. It is a very flexible curriculum which you can pick and choose from a list of
activities for basic subject matters, according to your child’s cues and interests.

Aim :-
To expose our young learners to a wide variety of topics and ideas.

Essentials :
 Hands-on activities are essential in helping them remember concepts. Never skip them.
 Encourage Imaginative play. Create imaginary scenes where they can be the heroes.
 Plan Open-Ended Art Projects ,every week.
 Play with your children!
 Sensory Activities are vital. They help these young bundles to calm , and redirect their (nonstop/
never-ending) ENERGY and help them focus.
 Read Aloud to your Children Every Single Day.
 Loads and Loads of Outdoor Play.
 Read and Sing Rhymes,Songs and Poems.

The way we view education at any age here in #ojahfamily is to make it fun!

Fun leads to the desire to want to learn more!


Download the printable here : Free-School Readiness Curriculum