Nursery Rhymes are little poems which have been around for centuries. These little poems are taught in every school big or small, elite or non-elite ,ofcourse for a reason!
Today I’m sharing some insight on how these are important in our child’s Language Development and why your kids need to know them.
Nursery Rhymes are short and easy to repeat ,so they become some of a child’s first sentences.They are good for brain. Not only does the repetition of rhymes and stories teach children how language works, it also builds memory capabilities that can be applied to all sorts of activities.
As children recite rhymes and sing songs, they are learning new vocabulary and how to articulate words, modulate their voices and enunciate clearly.
They learn to pronounce words easily by saying them over and over again.
It teaches an important reading concept i.e. Story Sequencing. Rhymes are short enough for a child’s memory to start the sequencing of events happening in a story. What happened first, second , third ,.. Last etc.
Many Nursery Rhymes also teaches Math Concepts such as Counting(in Forward and Backward Direction) , defines concepts such as many, few, plenty etc. which will later help in Math abstractions.
Rhymes and Songs are great building blocks for Creative Dramatics. Involving children to act out the rhymes as they say, with their whole bodies or using their hands and fingers , helps to increase their confidence in expressing themselves.
Nursery Rhymes help in Phonics skills early on. The ability to hear, identify and manipulate sounds in addition to learning speech and communication are very crucial skills associated with rhymes for kids.
Rhymes help in building the Imagination of a child. Learning to follow commands / directions gets easier with Rhymes.
Rhymes help in bringing interest into literature and poetry.
Nursery Rhymes are stimulating and just the right activities for young children.
The Cognitive Development with Nursery Rhymes is Immense.
Knowing Nursery Rhymes also builds Social Skills and promote a sense of community among other children. Children bond over a shared story and have fun reciting and singing together.
Singing Nursery Rhymes can improve fine motor skills and coordination,when they perform finger plays and act out the rhymes.