Goal setting and crushing them, is what I like the most. I am a planner girl, I like to write down things, and plan for my goals in advance. So, it makes it very easy for me to achieve them and know in which direction to head to. When New Year rolls around, there is some magic in the air, everyone is busy making new goals and doing a review of our previous year. I did the same, I also like to reflect back on my achievements and failures to see how far I have come, to see if I accomplished what I thought I would accomplish in the years span.  And I did a detailed YEAR-IN-REVIEW 2017, on my Facebook Page here. Click the link here to read the full post.

So, today I’m sharing all my New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2018, the year ahead. Every Year I pick up a word of the year, so this year in 2018, my word of the year is “EXECUTION”. Yes, I am one of those people who have so many ideas and thoughts that in amidst of those, I execute very less, and I am confident enough that I can do more. Hence, the word “EXECUTION”.  I want to execute as much as possible and work hard on building and creating on the ideas I have in my mind floating around all the time. So, I called this year as my execution year , for myself and my daughter as well. So below are our Individual Goals for the Year 2018.

For Deevyanka (Me,if you’re wondering) :


I am pretty lazy at taking self-care importantly, but I have noticed a few changes in my body and mind due to lack of self-care and I want to avoid any major problems in life, so this one is a Big one for me this year and hence the number 1 goal in my list. This year I have made a promise to myself, and that is to “Listen to the needs of my body and mind”. Yes, I get to burn myself by over-working or over-worrying , which ultimately affects my health. This year I am going to diligently work on taking Self-Care everyday(hopefully).



I love travelling to new places, and exploring in nature and surrounding environment. Last year, was not able to make any vacations, due to so many work projects going on simultaneously. This year, hopefully, I would be able to take a few vacations when I want to get refreshed and re-energetic . Also, I want to explore my never-ending hobbies. If you ask me what are my hobbies, you would call me a crazy person, because I have so many. I will list only some of my hobbies here for you, and they are Knitting, Quilling, Sketching, Photography, Crochet, Embroidery, Writing, Reading, Memory-Keeping(I want to start this one), etc etc. See, I told you, they are a lot more. But this year, I will work on them one-at-a-time and make time to explore on all of my hobbies.



This year is the ‘Execution’ year for me,so I’m going to be focusing on executing my ideas and thoughts about Early Learning, Phonics and Parenting on my Website and my Youtube Channel. You are going to see a lot more content from me this year, than last year. And I hope to keep up with this promise, so I’ll be able to help you parents with all the information and knowledge I have.




Last year in 2017, I launched my “The Reading Classroom”, phonics curriculum and Online Phonics Training Program , in the second-half of the year. And now that it is set and running successfully, I want to grow my niche, and make two brand new programs this year, on Hand-writing and Grammar. These programs will take much part of the year but, I know if I can work on it consistently, I can make these goals happen sooner. Wish me luck, in this department. Thank You!


And A BIG THANK YOU ! for your Enormous Response on the TRC- Online Phonics Program. It means a lot to me!



This one is for you guys. Many moms have always asked me about how I get so many things done in any given day, and for this I swear by my planner because I love to plan for each and every activity of my daughter and me including. I have always shared some snippets in my closed Facebook Groups and on my Facebook Page as well. So, this year, I plan to make an Activity Planner kind of to help fellow moms and parents to help in planning and organizing their days and weeks and months in a year. Let me know in the comments below, if you’d be interested for this kind of planner. I would make it only if you all give a positive signal to do so.

Now moving on to the goals for my daughter. These goals are only academic-specific and I have a few more personal goals in mind for her. May be if I feel comfortable sharing in future, I will share at somepoint. Just, Maybe!


For Ridhima (3.5 years old, birthday in April) :


This one is a big one for me and also very important for me and Ridhima. She is in Nursery class this year, and her year will end in March 2018. So, I want to make sure that I practice Pre-Writing and work on to develop her Fine Motor Skills every single day. In April, she will move forward to Lower Kindergarten, and formal writing will start then.  So I want to make sure her finger muscles in her hands are trained and ready for writing work.



This year, I want Ridhima to work on her Print Hand-writing thoroughly. I want her to understand the letter formations, the letter patterns and how to write them in both Uppercase and Lowercase. Also, I want to introduce to her Cursive Hand-writing, not writing, only recognizing the letters and words in Cursive. May be Next year , I can introduce formal writing in cursive , if she feels ready to learn. Let’s hope for the best.



This year, I wish to make our activities more focused towards a specific concept or topic. Now, that she is 3 and half years old, she can retain information extremely well. And now, I feel she is ready to grasp new and bigger concepts. So, we may explore minimum 1 concept a month. I shall keep you posted and updated in our closed Facebook group.



We have already started level 1 from the “TRC-Online Phonics Program/Curriculum”. So this year, or early, I would wish to complete the very first level in phonics and make her capable enough to read simple words and sentences. More will be shared in the group, itself.



Ridhima participated in the school Annual Concert this year, and she did a Dance in it. Suddenly, her interest grew in dance, and even after the concert was over, she asks me to play the songs and dance to the tune of it. So, it just crossed my mind, that maybe I can explore her interest in Dance. Let’s see how it goes. Swimming, was another of her interest, as she loves to play in water. So, we are planning to admit her to Swimming classes this Summer.  We shall see.

In this way, we are planning our New Year to make it awesome and accomplish all the goals we have set for ourselves. I want your continued love, support and encouragement, because without that we are unable to do anything. Please show me some love and write a comment below, with your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2018. Let’s ,make this year a successful year for everyone in our families and in our surroundings. Let’s make it a memorable year for all of us.

Happy New Year! 2018!