Hi there,

In this post today, I want to share why and how I started making Language Pages for my daughter in our Language Notebook. If you didn’t know, what a Language Notebook is, then let me start this post explaining that.

What is a Language Notebook?

A Language Notebook is a DIY Notebook prepared for the development of speech in children. It includes many simple activities and learning pages that helps enhance the speech development of children. I made this notebook when my daughter was 2 years old and we used it almost daily, and repeat all the pages in it. The main purpose for me was to develop her Language Speaking Skills in English, Hindi and Marathi(our native language). It helped my little one to speak in grammatically correct sentences. It also helped in starting conversations, in all languages mentioned above. It also helps in correct articulation of words and sounds.


For your reference, many speech development goals can be achieved using these Language Pages in our Learnings at home. I am listing a few of them below :

  • Pronounce simple words together.
  • Answer in one word or sentence , to a simple wh-question(where,when,what,who,which,how)
  • Categorizing and grouping things together
  • Combine the use of verbs with nouns like eating pizza, thowing ball, writing with a pencil etc.
  • Understanding cause and effect of simple activities like washing hands before eating food, etc.
  • Naming objects we see in our surroundings
  • Making and telling stories
  • Opposite
  • Rhyming words
  • Comprehension skills
  • Conversation skills
  • Listening skills


And many more such speech development goals can be achieved through the hands-on way of teaching children using these language pages. I hope you are able to make a few of these language pages for your children back at home. You don’t need to be an artist for the same, you can just cut out pictures from newspaper and magazines and paste into a book or take print-outs of images available on Google or even use the sticker sheets available in any stationary stores near you.

The key to good speech development in kids , is to talk with them daily in the language you want to practice and practice speech related activities daily. This makes them retain the new words they are learning everyday and also makes them understand how to put together a few words or a complete sentence. It will also boost confidence in young children who are learning to speak and use words.


Hope this helps everyone to get started. I keep adding new pages to our Language Notebook, almost every week. I shall keep you posted more on this in future. Share your thoughts on this, and let me know if it helped you get started in Speech and Language Skills for your child. Appreciate your comments below.