Hi there,

Choosing books for our children is a daunting task for some parents, but for me its not quite a task. If you, yourself are a book lover or a reader, it’s not quite a task but if you’re not, then it is super overwhelming to choose from loads of different books available in the market. I know many parents feel that books for children should only be educative and not entertaining. But I don’t really agree with that, I think children should be exposed to all genres as they grow up. It is essential for their overall development and it helps so much to form different perspectives in a single life situation.


So, many moms asked me how do we actually choose books for our children? And here is a simple 5 ste solution to that.

  1. Look at the cover .

Is the cover showing any pictures? Is it enticing to the eyes? Is it a picture from which you can depict a story inside the book? Is the title familiar? Is the author familiar to you? Is the title addressing any morale,value,principles or any character from the story?

Look for some of these things in the cover of the book and if it makes you feel to know more about it, and then go ahead and do the next step.

  1. Do a picture walk.

Picture walk is glancing through the pages of the books and looking at the pictures. Are those pictures easy to understand, are those beautifully illustrated, are the pictures telling the story line, how frequently the pictures are present in a book, which will help the child to visualize the text. If the pictures are really good and makes you happy seeing, then go do the next step.

  1. Glance at the text.

Glancing at the text means reading a few sentences from here and there in the book or even the first, middle and last pages of the book. That gives us a brief idea, about the vocabulary present in the text. If it is easy enough for a child to grasp and understand the meaning of the text , or it has many difficult words that a child may find it difficult to even read them at first place, think about it for a second. If it suits your needs, then go through the next step in choosing books.

  1. Figure out the topic.

Can you figure out the topic for yourself? Can you tell what the story-line is? Can you tell what the author is trying to communicate? Is the topic interestingly written and explained. If yes, then one last step before buying that book.

  1. Decide if it interests you.

See, if you would like to read it for yourself? If the topic is interesting to you, and if you will enjoy the book along-with your child? So, if the book you are looking to buy is interesting to you, and you feel that it will also interest the child, then it’s a good buy for you.


Reading is a lost hobby, and I feel if we wish our kids to be successful in life, we must start reading to them when they are young and can take keen interest in reading. There is a saying that I love to reiterate whenever I feel that its overwhelming, “When in doubt, go to the Library.” We must inculcate good habits like reading everyday, when the children are young. Don’t you agree?

Did you find this post helpful? Share this with your friends who would want this little help. And tell me in the comments below, how you select books for your children?