Early Learning

Wondering how to teach Handwriting to your toddlers and preschoolers? Let me show you 3 steps to teach writing to your kids!

Are you confused why your child is not able to write within the four lines? Why he/she isn’t able to trace properly on the given lines? This is a very important topic in early learning when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers and even kindergarteners. So to better understand the steps involved, I have divided […]

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How To Encourage Speech Development in Toddlers

Does your toddler struggle to speak fluently and comfortably? These 7 simple and easy practices will hep the child to improve their Speech Skills. Speech Development is quite a hot topic in the toddlerhood age. And I understand why. This is the age where the child will develop correct speech sounds and new vocabulary and will try to articulate that properly.

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Blends : How to move from teaching letter sounds to Blending two letters together to teach words?

Until now we have covered, Types of Phonics and Terminologies used in Phonics. What is the new hype of Phonics? And if it is really important? How to teach Letter Sounds and Letter Names together? Phonemic Awareness Activities (Click on the above links to go directly to that post first, if you have missed reading […]

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