Save this post somewhere or Bookmark it in your browser. Why you ask? Coz this is one of the exclusive posts, where I’m sharing all of our Favorite books and some more book recommendations for the age group 2 to 4 year olds. These books are great for boosting children’s memory, making them Familiar with main Linguistic Skills, Picture – Talk, Story Telling, Asking Comprehension Questions, Practicing Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Activities and so much more. Also, some of these will soon become your child’s favorite Night time books, where he/she wants to cuddle up and read with you. These books are quick, easy, simple to read and interesting for your preschoolers and kindergartners , which you wouldn’t want to miss. One thing to remember, these are not just restricted to this specific age group, they can be used for older kids too, for doing various different activities and Learnings, but that for another time.
One of my favorite activities is reading with my daughter, Ridhima. I LOVE reading and was determined to pass on my enjoyment of books to my girl. I knew that reading to my girl was a guaranteed way to raise a reader, so we spend many happy hours enjoying stories together. This is one Activity which has made our loving bond so so much stronger than you can imagine. Books are entertaining, books are relaxing, books are calming, books are fun, books are your emotions, books can be felt, books are your support, books educate us, books gives us wings to fly while still keeping us grounded, books make us travel around the world, and explore new places, Books can be shared , books can be kept private, some books we love, some books we hate, some books make us cry, some books make us happy, some books give us new perception to the world, Hush,,, I can keep on going but.. now you know, why Reading and Books are the most important to me. Hence, raising a reader was my number goal for Ridhima. Now let’s see the exhaustive list of books that I have to share. I’ll keep on updating the list, whenever we come across a new and interesting book to read. So, now you definitely want to bookmark this article.

Classics :


National Geographic Sets & Magazines :

Short Stories :


Bi-Lingual books :



Newspaper and Magazines : Also use what you already have at home like Newspapers and Magazines. Reading these real-life based stories are also as important as reading fictional story books. You can also do various activties usig them like , Name objects, Read/Find Letters, Find CVC/Sight Words, Highlight Vowels, Identify Alphabet etc..

Now, Your Turn. Have you read any of the above books? If yes, then share which ones are your favorite in the comments below. And if your very favorite didn’t make the list, tell us what it is in the comments below! What book does your toddler love the most?
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